• Andrew Kidd

The Science Behind Eating Small Meals

Did you know that eating small amounts of food more frequently is better than eating 3 square meals? Now of course that doesn’t mean you get to munch on party size Dorito bags all day (sorry), it still must be nutrient dense options.

Not only does eating frequently help regulate insulin levels, but Dr. Anderson’s Habits of Health book states that research supports when three square meals are replaced with smaller, more frequent meals it can:

  • Help you lose weight (winner!)

  • Control hunger

  • Reduce blood insulin (a factor in fat storage and inflammation)

  • Lower total cholesterol levels

  • Reduce LDL (“bad”) cholesterol

  • Depress glucose levels

  • Suppress free fatty acid levels, a common risk for coronary artery disease

  • Increase bile acid secretion (aka poop the bad stuff out)

  • Reduce levels of apolipo-protein B (the “very bad” stuff!)

  • Reduce adipose tissue enzyme levels

Not sure what to eat? In the coming weeks I’ll share some great healthy snack suggestions so that you can start to swap out some unhealthy snacks with healthier ones. In the meantime, from the moment you wake up, set your timer to remind you to eat every 2-3 hours so that we don’t have those well-known “crashes” throughout the day.

Here is a great healthy Mexican chicken soup that is frequently in my rotation during these colder months. As our family has gotten more mindful of our portions it amazes me how much less waste I have after dinner when I’m correctly cooking and portioning out our meals (I call it waste because nobody ever eats leftovers in our house).

If you are interested in how Cindy and I lost our weight and how we have been able to keep it off, message us and we will connect to hear about your health goals and share about the program we coach for with you.

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