About Us

We believe everything in life happens for a reason. We also believe everything that has lead us to this moment has been preparing us for what God has been planning all along in how he will use us.  


I (Andrew) have spent 4 years in the Army, transitioned from the Army to Loss Prevention which lead me to become a private investigator for the past 16 years. And during that time as a private investigator, I became very unhealthy due to my eating habits and sedentary lifestyle. My wife tried to help me get healthy over the years but everything we tried wasn’t a good fit or was unsustainable until my sister in law told us of a program that she was doing which lead her to lose 60 pounds. She was coached through the program by our cousins.  I honestly only considered the program because I trusted my sister in law.  


During that time I was 285 and desperate for something. I slept horribly from my snoring waking me up nightly and the fact that I was so fat that I could never get comfortable.  I was having small health scares and napped daily. I was slowly dying. 


Fast forward to December 27, 2017 (picture of that day on right) Our future health coaches (Cousins) came to visit Washington and we had dinner with them. I interrogated them about this program for an hour and by the end of our dinner, my wife and I were convinced that I needed to do this program.


After one month I had lost 23 pounds and felt amazing.  So amazing that I decided to become a health coach and help others because I believed in the program so much.  My wife began coaching with me shortly thereafter and she lost 25 pounds in 2 months.


I continued my health journey and lost 94 pounds.  My wife had never seen me weigh less than 200 pounds and here I was at 181.  


Along that journey, my wife and I began to inspire others to start the journey that we were taking with your health and this wonderful health coaching business began to build roots until it overtook our lives (in a good way).  


I am a full-time health coach with my wife helping people in personal growth and their health with a program that we partner with.  


What we do has changed our lives and it is our hope that we can inspire you to change your life. 

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